'Rock Dog' Review

‘Rock Dog’ Review

When it comes to animated movies, there are tiers and mostly a person knows what to expect when they walk in. Movies from companies like Pixar, Disney, Aardman, and Laika are on the upper tier…

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John Wick: Chapter 2 Review

‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Review

The first John Wick movie was a wonderful throwback to some of the best b-grade action movies I loved in my younger days. While there are still some movie that reach that level today (Taken,…

'The Crooked Man' DVD Review

‘The Crooked Man’ DVD Review

Released as a made-for-TV horror movie for SyFy, The Crooked Man is a throwback slasher flick that shares a lot in common with Candyman. For those who have never seen that iconic classic horror film…

Renegade Cinema Future

The Future of Renegade Cinema

When I started Renegade Cinema back in 2013, my idea was to create my own movie website based on what I had learned both from working with and and from what I learned…

No Picture

The Day My Life Turned Upside Down

It is kind of strange how you can be just moving through life and then something happens that just completely throws everything out of whack, changes everything in one instant, and makes you reevaluate everything…