Happy New Year’s.

Well, 2015 was an interesting year.

New Year
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We moved to Texas. Not just Texas, but West Texas, miles from anything fun and interesting. It wasn’t something we really expected or wanted, but it was because my wife was able to get a promotion at her job by accepting the move. It is supposed to be temporary until something comes open back home, but we are making due.

While she was here settling in, and I was still back home in Oklahoma, I actually finally published my first book – the Stephen King dollar babies book, Dollar Deal. It was a big deal and I had been working on it for a few years now.

Sales have been very slow as it languishes in the midst of hundreds of thousands of other books on Amazon, but it has sold some which means there are people out there who have bought my book. That is a cool feeling, at least. It even has positive reviews on Amazon, which is cool. Nothing yet over at Goodreads, but I am patient.

So, what does 2016 hold for me?

Well, I guess it is time to start talking about New Year’s Resolutions, but I am not big on those anymore. I never follow through with them. I think the problem is that I always make resolutions that I don’t have complete control over. So, lets go with some that I can control.


I started writing a new book last year during NaNoWriMo. It was my second time to enter and my first time to come out of November as a winner. 50,057 words for my next novel, Fallen Star.

See, the slow sales of my non-fiction book about the Stephen King dollar babies made me re-think my non-fiction book about the history of comic book movies. I put a lot of work into the Stephen King book and the comic book movies book would be even more work. So, with the idea of a year’s worth of work maybe delivering the same slow sales, I decided to move back into what I originally loved doing and what I actually wanted to do when I went to college a lifetime ago.


Coming Soon

So, Fallen Star is a mystery novel that takes place in a world where superheroes are real. My hero is Steve Samson, a detective who is not a superhero and deals with regular crimes on the streets while the superheroes remain busy with the major threats. I have a plan for a series of books that will, eventually, lead into a trilogy where I actually delve into the heroes that I gradually introduce in this series.

So, I finish this book (I am about four chapters from the end) and then go back and re-write it (because first drafts are almost always crap, and the real writing takes place after the story is laid out on the page). Then, I will write the next one in the series. Get the first one edited and then start the third one. Once I get the first three done, I will start a release schedule and continue writing, working on building my platform and getting my name out there.

That is my first resolution this year. Keep writing, working, and pressing to make my mark.


Get healthier. Yeah, this is a big one, but I am not going to pigeonhole myself with what I am going to do and then beat myself up for failing. I will just say “get healthier” and then do it.


Get my business under control. I have to do a lot of freelance writing right now to make ends meet. My Stephen King dollar babies book didn’t do enough to allow me to focus on my book writing full time. As a result, I will do even more freelance writing and finally start to get things under control financially. Money don’t buy happiness, but a lack of money can do a lot to cause a lot of unhappiness. It’s time to proactively fix things so I can write more for my career than for others.


See more movies. I lost my membership to the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle when they pulled out one of the rules that said me moving to Texas made me ineligible for the group, even though it is only temporary. That cost me the end-of-year screeners, plus there are no press screenings in West Texas. That meant that I missed out on a TON of 2015’s best movies.

It is time I found a way to rectify that situation, one way or the other.


Last year, I also said that I would write more on this blog, and then never did until my Stephen King dollar babies book was out. I don’t want to promise that again this year and not follow through on it. As a result, I won’t say it, but I hope I will.

With that said, it is New Year’s Eve and they say that, what you are doing on New Year’s Eve will define your next year. Well, I was in the middle of writing a huge freelance assignment, so it looks like 2016 will be lots of work for me.

Let’s just hope that its work that will lead to some big things down the line.

Happy New Year.