Happy New Year, ie. I’m Back

Shawn Lealos
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I’m back.

Well, technically I never left. All my writing is still available all over the Internet (specifically at my site Renegade Cinema and at the many content sites I write for, with AXS getting most of my work now).

However, it is time to really light a fire and what better time than the New Year, since – you know – everyone follows through with making changes on New Year’s Day.

But, I am gonna do my best.

Basically, here is what you have to look forward to from me in 2015. I will keep writing more than I have time for in order to pay the bills and keep food on the table and clothes on the back of my family.

I’m also going to work harder on getting Ash involved with things outside of the home. That includes intermediate swimming lessons starting next Tuesday and he is getting back into basketball starting the Wednesday after that with games every Saturday for a month. No more procrastinating and forgetting to sign him up for sports and no more just making him watch TV and play inside every night while I write more than I have time for.

Yep, that is the conundrum I find myself in. But that is solved by just writing more while he is in school and not jerking around so much instead of writing.

Oh yeah, and there will be more writing coming too in the form of the Stephen King ‘Dollar Deal‘ book. It is time to stop talking and start doing. I think I have finally cracked the book. I did all the interviews a long time ago but have been struggling with putting it together. I think I have figured out how to put it together in a way that will entertain the readers while still being a quality book. And it will be finished soon.


Anyway, I will also write this blog to make myself follow through, because I have plenty of time to write something else…

Here is the bottom line. I will do everything I can to keep making money, while giving Ash more time, while also putting the pieces together for the future (the books) so that I can start to try to help make Johanna’s life better as well.

And I’m starting a podcast in the next couple of months.

Welcome to the circus that is my life.

** Some of the links on the side of the page don’t work yet, but hang with me, I’m getting there.