Stephen King Dollar Baby Documentary Kickstarter Campaign

After interviewing 17 of the dollar baby filmmakers for my book, Dollar Deal: The Story of the Stephen King Dollar Baby Filmmakers, I have secured a number of them who are willing to tell their stories in a documentary based on the book.

To make this movie, money is needed for travel expenses, equipment rentals, post-production work, and more. To raise this money, I am taking the documentary to Kickstarter.

The money I am asking for is the minimum that I need to make three trips and tell the stories of three filmmakers – Hollywood director Peter Sullivan, author James Renner, and actor-director Warren Ray, who is acting in another dollar baby film after directing one of his own.

I will also interview around seven other Stephen King dollar baby filmmakers while I am in Los Angeles with Peter Sullivan for the documentary as well.

However, I can’t make it without the Kickstarter campaign succeeding because Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. I was considering using Indie-go-go, but honestly, I don’t want to get money from people and not have enough to make the documentary, so Kickstarter allows me to make sure that I have the money needed to make the movie before taking a penny from anyone.

Even if you can only help a little, any amount helps because it all adds up. There are a lot of great perks, including posters made specifically for this campaign that Stephen King dollar baby filmmakers will autograph, as well as copies of the book when it is released later this year.

There is also a chance for producer’s credit, private screenings of the Stephen King dollar baby documentary, and a walk-on role for the movie.

Here is the link again, and all help is appreciated.

Stephen King Dollar Baby Documentary Kickstarter Campaign