Stephen King Dollar Baby Festival: Comicpalooza 2013 Update

Comicpalooza is coming this month and the events include a Stephen King dollar baby film festival in Houston, Texas. It will be an exciting time and fans in attendance will get to see close to 20 dollar baby films and meet a number of directors as well.

The event takes place on Memorial Day weekend (May 24-26) and there will be different films shown on all three days of the festival. I will be personally hosting the festival and we will also be available in the dealer’s room to meet with and talk to fans.

Each screening will include a director’s Q&A panel after each block of films screen and directors in attendance will include myself (I Know What You Need), James Gonis (Lawnmower Man),  Peter Sullivan (Night Surf), James Cox (Grey Matter), James Renner (All That You Love Will be Carried Away) and Rodney Altman (Umney’s Last Case).

Stephen King Dollar Baby Festival: Comicpalooza 2013 Update

Bev Vincent, author of The Road to the Dark Tower, will also be in attendance to answer questions and meet fans. For more info about the convention, including other guests in attendance, visit Renegade Cinema.

Ain’t in Cool News was very gracious in their promotion as well, as Nordling had this to say:

One of the more interesting events for me, as a Stephen King fan and a movie fan, will be the “Dollar Baby” Film Festival. This is a group of short film adaptations of King’s short story work – King owns all the rights to the story itself but gives permission for adaptations with the payment of one dollar.  Some of the resulting work turns out really great, and I’m looking forward to seeing many of these shorts.

I look forward to this very fun event and hope to see a lot of you there!