Stephen King update: News on my ‘Dollar Deal’ book

Due to life getting in the way, I had to postpone the start of actually writing the Stephen King “Dollar Deal” book. Luckily, all the telephone interviews are completed, things are going as planned, and I will finally begin writing the book at the start of January 2013. I also have a few email interviews to complete with international filmmakers, as well as two dollar baby experts, and things should finally get moving forward on the book.

Here is a list of the 17 filmmakers I interviewed who will be profiled in the book:

  • Juan Reinoso, Flowers for Norma
  • Mikhail Tank, My Pretty Pony and Willa
  • Rodney Altman, Umney’s Last Case
  • James Gonis, Lawnmower Man
  • Jay Holben, Paranoid
  • Doveed Linder, Strawberry Spring
  • Jeff Schiro, Boogeyman
  • James Cox, Grey Matter
  • Nick Wauters, Rainy Season
  • James Renner, All That You Love Will Be Carried Away
  • James Cole, Last Rung on the Ladder
  • Derek Simon, A Very Tight Place
  • Warren Ray, Maxwell Edison
  • J.P. Scott, Everything’s Eventual
  • Damon Vinyard, In the Deathroom
  • Robert Cochrane, Luckey Quarter
  • Peter Sullivan, Night Surf

That is it for now. I will start actually writing the book in the next week, so keep posted here for more details, including how you can help with the production of “Dollar Deal.” I will also have more news here on the site in the next couple of days about the dollar baby festival screenings at Comicpalooza: The Texas International Comic Convention in 2013.

For any questions about the dollar baby book, or to set up an interview with me about the book, the dollar baby filmmakers, or anything else, feel free to contact me at