Update on the Stephen King dollar baby book

Things have been really busy on the Stephen King dollar baby book, ‘Dollar Deal,’ but here is an update of how things are going so far.

I have interviewed nine filmmakers so far for the book. I have four more interviews scheduled this week and then will send out email interviews to four of the international filmmakers. After that, I have 13 more interviews to schedule throughout the month of September. That gives the book a total of 25 filmmakers profiled, as well as two interviews with Stephen King experts.

I have not ruled out trying to look into an interview with the most famous dollar baby director of them all, Frank Darabont.

So far, here is who I have interviewed for the book:

This week, I have interviews scheduled with James Renner (“Night Surf”), Derek Simon (“A Very Tight Place”), James Cole (“The Last Rung on the Ladder”) and Warren Ray (“Maxwell Edison” based on the story “The Man Who Loved Flowers”).

As I said, things have been busy, but these guys have all been amazing interviews. Some of them continue to work in the business (Jay Holben and Jeff Schiro are both editors), some are in other entertainment ventures (James Gonis works for Playboy), and one created a major television series (Nick Wauters). All in all, these dollar baby filmmakers all prove that the generosity of Stephen King can help any aspiring filmmaker reach their dream.

Mine is finishing this book and reworking my dollar baby, “I Know What You Need.” Stay posted here and I will try not to be such a stranger as this process continues.