Welcome to a new column I will be writing here on my personal website known as The King’s Ransom. In this column, I am re-visiting the entire library of Stephen King – the author who made me want to become a writer myself.

I was chatting with a buddy online named Oscar and mentioned that I was considering re-reading the entire Stephen King library in chronological order of publication. He said he was interested as well and we decided to take on this journey together.

2 days later I was reading Carrie.

I was 19 years old when I first discovered Stephen King. The year was 1989 and the first book I read was the unabridged version of The Stand. The book remains my all-time favorite book regardless of author and genre. I can’t wait to get to it again on this journey.

I quickly found out that there was a Stephen King Book of the Month Club and signed up for it. Every month, a new book by King arrived in the mail and I read them quickly, every time a new book came in ready to open it and start a new journey.

In 1999, I became a Stephen King Dollar Baby Filmmaker – once again owing the direction of my career to the Master of Horror. However, over the last 17 years, I have read less and less of King’s work – not because I was not interested. I bought every book when it came out but I wasn’t reading as much of anything.

Something happened in the last two years. I regained my love of reading again and I have been tearing through new authors – at least new to me. Jim Butcher (who I went to college with at OU) and his Dresden Files. I caught up on Neil Gaiman, remembering how much I loved Good Omens.

However, I looked at my huge Stephen King book library, where I am only missing 6 books – 4 of which I used to own but disappeared somewhere along the years. I realized that I have not finished the Dark Tower series. I realized I have not read a number of his books at all.

I realized I wanted to re-discover why I fell in love with Stephen King, horror novels, and reading novels instead of just comic books, all over again.

That is what this journey is about.

Part 2 of The King’s Ransom will be about Carrie. On this journey, I will not just be reading King’s books over again but I will also relive the movies – because movies are something I love as much – if not more – than novels. That includes the Sissy Spacek movie, the Chloe Grace Moretz movie, and even the made-for-TV version written by Bryan Fuller (American Gods). I will even watch the bad ones because I feel there is just as much to learn, if not more, in a bad adaptation as there is in a good one.

Each part of this journey will discuss the book and my reactions to it and then have sections at the end talking about the films based on the books.

And I am not going to stop until I have re-read, and in some cases read for the first time – every Stephen King book the man has ever published.

Be ready because I have already finished reading Carrie and that writing will be up by the end of the week (or beginning of next). If you want, pick up the books and read along with me. Let me know your thoughts on the different stages of Stephen King’s amazing career.

Welcome to The King’s Ransom.