James Cox - Stephen King Dollar Baby Grey Matter

James B. Cox is a California boy through and through, and making movies has always been in his blood. That is why, when he chose Grey Matter as his Dollar Baby adaptation, he took it very seriously, understanding that this was his calling card in Hollywood.

Thanks to a casting call, he was able to find Tyler Chase to take on the lead role in a short film that made some interesting changes from the original Stephen King short story. Grey Matter, the short story, is about a man who is mutating into something else thanks to the beer he drinks.

Cox chose to change the focus of his movie to the son and how he deals with the changes in his dad. Getting Chase, before the young actor started working on The Walking Dead, was a coup for Cox, who found a perfect young actor for this very important role.

Cox used the short film to help position himself for his first feature length movie, Ctrl Alt Delete, which he directed and wrapped in early 2015. With his first feature length movie in post-production, In the interview from the book Dollar Deal: The Stephen King Dollar Baby Filmmakers, Cox talked  about making Grey Matter, why he considers the movie version of The Shining to be one of the seminal horror movies of all time and how the Stephen King Dollar Baby program helped changed his life.

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Grey Matter Trailer from James Cox on Vimeo.

Ctrl Alt Delete | Official Trailer from James Cox on Vimeo.

The Temp from James Cox on Vimeo.

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